Judges Registration Form

Our KCBS Competition is scheduled for October 13-14, 2017

We expect to use 100% certified judges for our KCBS categories and certified judges will be given priority.

However, we usually need backup KCBS judges and also up to 35 additional judges for our Backyard Thrill of the Grill categories and our Kid’s Q and Friday evening ancillary competitions. These are great opportunities for non certified folks or late registrants to participate! Sign up and bring a friend!

Send us a separate Judges application form for EACH interested judge. We will let you know if we have a seat for you as a backup, or a backyard contest judge. Please indicate on the form if you are willing to judge these non-kcbs categories.

Periodically, we will add judges names received in list form below. If, by July 1, 2017, you sentĀ  an application and your name is not on the list below drop us an email.

I will contact and reconfirm each judges availability in early September and also ask specific commitments for the backyard judging at that time. Thanks for your interest and help.

As of April 1 we have close to enough Judges! But there are always cancellations and changes of plans. New applications will be added to a backup list and contacted in September.

Table Captain Certified YesNo
Master Judge Certified YesNo

Would you help with judging our Backyard competition? YesNo


2017 Judges Applications Received sorted by First Name

Aaron Paddock
Agnes Huonker
Al Froman
Alisa Dougherty
Barb Tangora
Bill Moth
Brad Hall
Brian O\’Neill
Brian Peters
Chris Ornellas
Chris Trudeau
Colin Mei
Constance Cathcart
Curt Sneed
Dan Lewis
Dave Voracek
David Burstein
David Swistara
Frank Adubato
Frank Bramwell
Gary Showers
George Huonker
Greg Raffel
Harry Wainwright
Jason Wadleigh
Jeff Quint
Jeffrey Bathe
Jenn Lavigne
jim killam
Joe Preiser
Joseph Cikauskas
Joshua Johnson
Keith Snyder
Kelly March
Kenrick Stach
La VonneĀ  Noska
Leroy Allison
Linda Bee
Luann Moth
Lynn Huling
Marilyn Allison
Mark Thompson
Martin \’Marty\’ Beltz
Marty Simonsen
Michael Koller
Michael Moranz
Mike Henderson
Mike Paasch
Mike Suchor
Mike Tangora
Patrick D. Hyde
Philip A Robinson
Randy Sylvester
Rich Cannon
Richie Chapman
Robert Green
Ronald Welton
Scott Johnston
Shane Alley
Shannyn Mc Arthur
Sharon Cathcart
Sheryl Rhodes
Shirl Cannon
Stan Wawzysko
steven weinberg
Sue Froman
Theresa Sylvester
Tom Paddock
wayne feggestad
Yvonne Quint